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Featured Athlete: Neil Timm - How does he stay motivated through the holiday season?

We chatted to Neil Timm about his build up to the South African National Road Race & Time Trial Champs and the Tour of Good Hope in February. Neil shares some pointers with us for other athletes training over the December holidays taking travel and family commitments into account.

Neil is no stranger to the podium in the local road racing scene! He's won national titles in both the Road and Time Trial events and has also won the 94.7 as well as multiple South African classics.

1) What are you currently preparing for?

SA Road Cycling Championships (Road and Time Trial) & the Tour of Good Hope

2) How do you stay motivated during the holiday season?

In the Southern hemisphere, summer is a time of year with longer days and warmer weather, which favours cycling and longer rides. Some challenges around the festive season can be travelling in general or travelling to destinations far away from home where training routes are not well known. This can cause routine structures to dissolve.

This can be a good thing, but it's easy to lose focus without a goal and a plan. Plan ahead, structure your training so that it fits in with your and your family's plans. Mix things up, don't be afraid to try different routes and different training times.

3) What is one pearl of wisdom that you would be happy to share with other athletes?