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June 10, 2019

You wake up. Your mind is shouting in the background “Its cold, actually its not cold, its freezing, I am not riding in this”. Then you have to factor in the 30 minuntes it takes to put all the layers of clothing on. It becomes the perfect recipe for not riding at all....

May 21, 2019

Our usual 5am wake up during these winter months bring a whole lot of dark, cold mornings with them. We blinked and the sunrise has moved to 6:40am. It’s tough enough trying to deal with a bundled up 5 - 10 degree outdoor ride, but by the time we get home from work, th...

June 15, 2018

In Part 1, we discussed what periodization is and gave a brief overview of the phases involved, different cycles within a week, month and year and finally gave some evidence to support the use of periodization from a coaching perspective.

Ultimately our goal with period...

May 31, 2018

Winter is a tough time with shorter days and lower temperatures. Athletes end up missing sessions to rather curl up in bed, and often we think to ourselves that its “only this one time” but soon its an umpteen number of sessions missed and bike performance slowly evapo...

May 11, 2017

The mass availability of the modern power meter in the last decade has meant that more individuals have access to data that is objective and comparable.

Understanding the why of testing

Understanding the why of testing Functional threshold power (FTP) is a representation...

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Virtual Running Race Newbie? Here are The Threshold’s Top 5 Tips!

July 30, 2020

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